In 2003, Elegant Trash was formed with original members
Lee Austin Hoffman, Trez Howell, and Mike Perez in Atlanta, Georgia. The Trash started off as punk band, but has gone through a lot of different styles of music since then. When Lee moved to California, he joined up with Matt Cascardi, and after their first year together, they recorded their first California album called “When Stars Align”. This album was a great example of what they could do as the duo they were. These songs are a great addition to the hundreds of Elegant Trash songs previously recorded that you can find on the internet. Shortly after, the band was joined by Sam Gearing on Drums and Greg Stoft on Lead Guitar. They have maintained a steady schedule of live shows throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and West Coast. Currently, the Trash is wrapping up their 4th California album entitled “Just Add Whiskey”. (Bang Magazine issue 1, 2013)