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Lee Austin Hoffman


Lee is well known for his roles as Founder of Donkey Pudding Records and as the Lead Singer and Rhythm Guitarist of Elegant Trash. He was inspired to pick up the guitar after listening to the bands Fugazi and The Rolling Stones. Lee moved from Atlanta to the Bay in 2011 to play for big crowds. Lee immediately began playing as many as 10 open mics each week, quickly landing his first West Coast gig at Burning Man. Since then, he has performed at over 30 venues in the Bay. Lee’s photography of fellow Bay Area musicians would eventually lead into the development of Bang Magazine. (Bang Magazine issue 1, 2013)


 Jenna’e Rochelle Bennett



Jenna’e is Bang Magazine’s logo designer, and lead singer of the bands Seek The Freek and Telo Mirror. I first met Jenna’e at a Starry Plough open mic. I approached her and sat down next to her to ask what she was drawing. She told me she did not know but she just freestyles off the music that she hears. She was making a free style drawling called “Kitty Mic 2” shown here in this magazine. I thought the concept was awesome and I tried to buy the picture when she was done. Since that time, I have been blown away by all of the other drawings she’s produced. When I approached her with ideas I had for the Bang Magazine logo, she nailed it right away. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to watch her perform live, and her recorded tracks are equally as awesome. Jenna’es major goal is to make people never lose touch of childhood through her art. It is not very often that I meet such well-rounded artists that dabble in every art forms like myself. I am honored to share her work with you. (Bang Magazine issue 1, 2013)

Matt Jaffe and The Distractions

http:// www.mattjaffemusic.com

Inspired by his sister Caroline at age 5, Matt picked up his first musical instrument; the classical violin. He later discovered bands like Talking Heads, The Rolling Stones, and The Clash. The first time I saw him perform at the Starry Plough open mic, I thought to myself, “If I continue to play music for the next 20 years I might be as good as him at age 15.” Since that day, I have seen his skills as a songwriter and performer sky rocket. His friends Sammy Fisher (bassist) and Alex Coltharp (drummer) have joined to perform Matt Jaffe and The Distractions. Their live shows are some of my favorite and they have already played some local great festivals as well. Keep a lookout for this amazing band! I highly recommend that everyone drop what they’re doing and check out some of their music online. (Bang Magazine issue 1, 2013)

IR Fiq


I got my first 2 rap CD’s at age 8; “Yo! MTV Raps” and “Monster Rap Hits” (can’t remember the volume). Until age 15, the majority of my CD collection was Hip Hop and Rap. And then something happened to all the main stream Hip Hop and Rap artists. It seemed like they sold out. It’s like all the songs were about hoes and guns and lost their complexity. I think the lame and catchy approach killed the artist’s skill and storytelling. This is why I have been really picky with the Hip Hop and Rap I allow in my life. I am only interested in kids that can drop knowledge and flow about everything that is going on in the world. This brings me to one of my favorite Hip Hop artists in The Bay, IR Fiq. I have seen him perform hundreds of times and even had the pleasure to play a few shows with him. I have seen consistency in his work ethic showing great dedication to his craft. His performance reveals discipline, especially in his vocal delivery. Plus, he makes a majority of his own beats, which sweetens the deal for me as a fan.(Bang Magazine issue 1, 2013)

The Ledgendary Stardust Cowboy


The Ledge (as known to fans) is a truly unique artist helping to pioneer Psychobilly. I have had the pleasure of watching the Ledge perform three times with each performance leaving a memorable impression on me. His live show consist of bursts of energy from both his vocals and stage movements. I have arrived at his shows tired but always found myself dancing nonstop in the front row until he is finished blowing my mind. And who better to back the Ledge than his group of all-star band members?! The Altamont Boys features Klaus Floride (Dead Kennedys) on bass, Joey Meyers on Drums, and Jay Rosen on guitar. Considered a great artist himself, The Ledge has also inspired other great artists including David Bowie. My experience at The Ledge’s shows has helped me understand why Bowie is such a great fan. (Bang Magazine issue 1, 2013)

Elena Kulikova


Elena got her first camera at age 18. She began by hitting the streets, taking pictures of graffiti and abandoned buildings. Later, Elena kept thinking about the abstract while shooting. She had became more adventurous with her camera after being inspired by photographers Guido Mocafico (Italy) and Ellen Von Unwerth (Germany). Then while in Los Angeles during her modeling and acting days, she became interested in photographing live models. Elena has taken hundreds of abstract and distorted pics of live models. Since moving to the Bay, Elena has been featured in many galleries all across the area. Earlier this year my band was lucky enough to perform during one of her shows at The Oakland Art Murmur. I could not ask for a better backdrop for my music. Currently, Elena is living, breathing, and sleeping photography working 70-80 hours a week on her art. She is also working on a nature book called “Eden” focusing on flowers and women in a bizarre, abstract world. I am super excited to see it! (Bang Magazine issue 1, 2013)

Jessie Jordan AKA Smashing Good Time 


I met Jessie at The Dover Palace (my current house) at a friend’s birthday party. Since that time, I have asked him to accompany me on drums for several open mics with no practice, and he played flawlessly. One day we were performing and another one of our friends, Kurt Penney, suggested that we go to Slab City to play a set. We set up drums in the middle of the desert, and I laid down next to the bass drum while he played for hours filled with amazement of the passion and skill level he had as a drummer. After that, we played The Range where again he played flawlessly. I consider him one of my favorite drummers in the Bay. Since our trip, he bought a loop pedal and has been traveling around playing as many as 8 instruments by himself each song blending a collage of many styles and tones. His parents, both being music teachers, I feel has helped in his inspiration to be such a badass. (Bang Magazine issue 2, 2014)

Doctor Striker


When I first met Paul I was having a jam session in my bedroom I was in the kitchen thinking to myself, “Who the hell is shredding on the guitar?” I walked in and realized he was one of the best in the Bay. And then I saw him perform at The Starry Plough open mic. Energy has always been a huge influence in my life as far as stage performance, and that is something the Doctor has no shortage of as he approaches everyone in the crowd with his funny yet witty lyrics. Since I moved here, he has been the only performer besides myself not scared of getting all up in the audience’s face while performing. He is truly a one man outfit that cannot be missed dressed for success in his lab coat. (Bang Magazine issue 2, 2014)

Myasha Nicholas / Glass Atlas


When I first saw the front man of Glass Atlas, Myasha, it was at the Starry Plough open mic. I was mesmerized by the song he was playing called “Vaporized” where he used his guitar like a drum while he was still strumming. I am a cocky person and this is hard to admit, but I went home and tried to play guitar in the mirror like him for an hour and then decided I should just stick to punk rock. Since that day I have seen him perform countless times stretching the limits with his guitar skills. Adding in his smooth vocals makes the experience that much better. He just released his debut album ‘A Great Divide’ which is one of the most complex and beautiful albums I have heard. Joined by Sam Gearing on drums and Bobby Crawford on Bass, Glass Atlas is one of the only band in its genre to ever impress me. (Bang Magazine issue 2, 2014)

Brendan Getzell


Ever since I moved to the Bay there has always been a special place in my heart for Monday nights because of the Hotel Utah open mic. One of the main factors for my love for it is the best host ever Brendan. On top of doing all of the sound and giving all of the performers a great recording. He is one of the only performers I have ever seen to be flawless in every performance playing just about every instrument imagined. He was inspired by his brother Dillan’s percussion and his ability to reproduce everything he has ever heard by ear since age 6. We are blessed to have him as a host and performer in our community. (Bang Magazine issue 2, 2014)

Sasha Laurel

Sasha moved to Oakland from Phoenix, Arizona in 2003. I love how her work reflects that desert Arizona vibe. Ever since she picked up a pencil she knew art was her main passion. Along with growing up having both of her parents as artists, she was also inspired by Gustav Klimpt, Abery Beardsley, and John Carling. She loves creating art anywhere various artists get together to create, one of her favorites being The Faultline art space for the draw club on Tuesdays. Sasha has been featured in 3 issues of Bang Magazine and I always look forward to what she is going to come up with next. (Bang Magazine issue 2, 2014)

Slab City


The Bay, in my opinion, is the best place to live hands down. But have you ever wondered where the best place is to take a vacation. Slab City is located near the Salton Sea in the middle of the desert. It is basically Burning Man year-round without blasting dubstep 24/7. It is a community that can set up their homes anyway they want and live for free on slabs of concrete. It is the only lawless place where you can truly be yourself. Among hot springs, a skate park, a library, tons of artwork, and a commercial free radio station, there is my favorite stage to perform on called The Range where anyone can perform every Saturday night. I have never been so spoiled before in my life with such great people. The type of people that would never judge you for anything except how you act. They are too busy being themselves and free. (Bang Magazine issue 2, 2014)

Elegant Trash


In 2003, Elegant Trash was formed with original members
Lee Austin Hoffman, Trez Howell, and Mike Perez in Atlanta, Georgia. The Trash started off as punk band, but has gone through a lot of different styles of music since then. When Lee moved to California, he joined up with Matt Cascardi, and after their first year together, they recorded their first California album called “When Stars Align”. This album was a great example of what they could do as the duo they were. These songs are a great addition to the hundreds of Elegant Trash songs previously recorded that you can find on the internet. Shortly after, the band was joined by Sam Gearing on Drums and Greg Stoft on Lead Guitar. They have maintained a steady schedule of live shows throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and West Coast. Currently, the Trash is wrapping up their 4th California album entitled “Just Add Whiskey”. (Bang Magazine issue 1, 2013)

I have been playing and recording music under the name Elegant Trash for 13 years, Playing a instrument and singing with several different band members, And finally I have a 6 peice band were I can finally focuse on just singing. And everyone in the band helps write songs for the albums. For the last 6 months while we have been together as a band. We have written and recorded (Treehouse of Thorns) and (Music is my Vacation). In between touring and playing tons of local shows. I could not ask for a more productive and badass line up of musicians including Roland Sayn and Chris Meeder on Guitar, John Bassel on Bass, Danny also on back up vocals, and Stephen Villa on Drums. We are super stoked to rock your faces wherever you may be 2015.

Over the past 14 years I have been very blesssed to perform with some of the best musicians I have ever met in my band. I am very proud of my current lineup with me singing, Ace Crow on drums, Brandon Griffin on Bass and Paul Striker(Doctor Striker) on Bass. I have never worked with another group of musicians that were so prolific. In a few months we wrote a 19 track album called (Organic). I am super stoked to drop this album and rock all of your pretty faces with them. 2016

Psychotic Pineapple

Psychotic Pineapple

One day I was playing guitar and singing in a local laundry mat in Berkeley when the manager, Jonathan, told me I sounded like Psychotic Pineapple. I asked who they were, and he told me they were one of the first punk bands with earlier recordings than the Ramones. I went home and looked them up and became addicted to their music instantly. Lucky for me, they had a show coming up in a week at the Stork Club. I went and was blown away that they still had the same energy and skill 40 years later. Also, they all switched instruments and sang to give them a truly unique sound that set their music apart from most bands. It inspired me to have Greg Stoft sing back up on Elegant Trash’s last album “Just Add Whiskey”. Psychotic Pineapple was formed in 1974 by John Rubin, Tommy Dunbar, John C. Berry and Henricus Holtman. Alex Karlinski and Dave C. Berry joined in 1976.(Bang Magazine issue 2, 2014)

John Casey


As soon as he picked up a crayon he knew he found his calling in life. Although his parents always taught him to shoot for his dreams, he was the first in his family to seriously explore creativity. Being an Oakland native for the last 17 years, you might find him at “The Hive” in his local art studio in Jack London Square. Changing his inspirations constantly, this week it’s Leon Gollub, Kiki Smith and Lois Wain. When asked if he had anything to say to his fans he replied, “Vote, but do not vote for Donald Trump!” (Bang Magazine issue 4, 2016)

Bridget Canfield of 200Pockets.com


Klaus Floride


Is a bass player for amazing bands such as The Dead Kennedy’s and The Legendary Stardust Cowboy. He first got inspired to be a musician when listening to children’s records. Then at age five, he started playing guitar in hopes to be like Buddy Holly, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. Next, he started backing up a lot of Blues and Motown bands all around Chicago and New York but then became tired of playing covers. He decided to take his talent to the Bay Area, and the first band he auditioned for was the Dead Kennedy’s. During the tryout, they went to Jello Biafra’s house with East Bay Ray where they asked him to play a Buddy Holly cover. He joined the band in 1977, and since then, has played in a number of great projects. He is considered a Bay Area icon who still performs till this day. (Bang Magazine issue 2, 2014)

Ted Falconi


I went to high school in the 90’s, and I remember seeing Kurt Cobain always wearing his home made Flipper shirt. I never knew who they were till I moved to the Bay. My friend Bridget Canfield showed me their music and I was instantly impressed by their unique sound and their energy. So I invited the guitarist Ted Falconi for a beer and a short interview. I asked him if since his start in 1977, there was any show that made it truly worth it to be a punk rock musician. He gave me a great response; “You know that feeling when you get nervous at every show and that moment you leave and your exhausted? As long as you can do that every show, it was totally worth dedicating his whole live to music.” I have never interviewed someone who has tried to help me in every way. In my mind, Ted Falconi is a legend and I can totally understand why he influenced bands such as Nirvana and The Melvins. (Bang Magazine issue 2, 2014)

Klaus Floride (Dead Kennedys) and Ted Falconi (Flipper)

Shannon and The Clams


If I had to pick one band in the Bay who always consistently blow my mind with amazing songs and raw energy, it would be this band. The feeling I get when dancing at their shows is incredible. There is such a great vibe and harmony among the members Shannon Shaw (vocals and bass) Cody Blanchard (vocals and guitar), and Nate Mahan (drums). It is hard to find a band that puts as much hearts into their sets. I got a chance to interview Shannon and Nate and I asked them if they had anything to say to their fans, what would it be? They told me “Fake it till you make it. If you wish you could play music and you don’t know how to play anything, figure it out. But make sure you love it whether it’s music or anything in life.” (Bang Magazine issue 3, 2015)

Analy Nakat


John Bassel

Gaby Miau


Gaby was born and raised in the Bay, and she has knew she wanted to be an artist ever since the first day she picked up a crayon and started scribbling with it. At a young age she has always had interest in other-worldly things such as mystical fairy tales, legends, and anything else that breaks the boundaries of a one dimensional reality. She is an artist by nature doing everything she can get her hands on, such as plain pencil drawings, larger scale paintings, tattoos, and screen printing. I first got a glimpse of her art by seeing my other vocalist Danny Also’s tattoo on his arm, and was eager to check out the rest of her portfolio. I was very glad that I did so I can share with you some of her work today. (Bang Magazine issue 3, 2015)

John Seabury

http:// www.johnseaburyart.com

John is the founding member of Psychotic Pineapple. On top of being a great musician, he is also the poster artist for his band and many other band flyers, posters, and album art. He just about tackles every art medium. It is almost impossible for me not to get compliments when wearing any design he made on my t-shirts. He had the genius idea of creating the mascot Pyno Man in 1977 to reflect the dream life-style of being a rockstar getting played in many scenarios to further the attention and success of the band. (Bang Magazine issue 3, 2015)


Seek The Freek

http:// seekthefreek.com

They are a female duo project with Jennae Bennent (vocals, guitar, banjo) and Kaila Katsura (drums) that collaborates with other musicians for gigs and recording depending on the region that they are in. On top of being great musicians, they are also great artists and go back and forth letting their paintings and drawings reflect their music in a story. Growing up in Orange County, Jennae was influenced by the local band No Doubt, and picked up a guitar after being inspired by Led Zepplin. Kaila was immersed in music everyday as a kid with her dad playing flute and her mom piano. Both of her parents encouraged her to play music at a young age, and having influences like Broadcast and Amebix helped shape her. I have been blessed to share a stage and beach parties with them several times. They have a unique sound that always changes depending on the different musicians they bring on. (Bang Magazine issue 3, 2015)

Joanne Ludwig


At the age of 5 years old, her grandma took her for a walk when they dug out some red clay on a cliff wall where the rain had exposed the earth. They went home and sculpted the clay and it felt magical. She has not looked back ever since, involving herself in all mediums of art. As a bonus, all of her family members were artists as well. She makes relics and things to tame a wild spirit by mixing ash, lead, and magic onto canvas and wood. Later in life she found her musical inspiration when she organized music events, which would eventually lead her to write and sing vocals. Her favorite visual artists are Kara Walker, Wangechi Mutu, and Shirin Neshat.(Bang Magazine issue 4, 2016)

Missouri Lounge Open Mic


I have lived in the Bay for 5 years, and when I first moved here, I would play as many as ten open mics in a week. And now that I am completely established with my band Elegant Trash, I still play 2 of them; Hotel Utah in SF and the Missouri Lounge in Berkeley. There will always be a special place in my heart for Wednesday nights because of this open mic, which is hosted by Paul Pot (The Happy Clams front man) since 2004. On top of being a great musician, he is also an amazing artist that hand draws the flyers for the open mic. I have been there almost every week for the past 5 years, and I got to share the stage with badass performers such as Girl George, Ken Hammond, Molly Thomas, Mugg Muggles, Sven, and many more. I highly recommend stopping by to play a couple songs or just to enjoy a great show sometime on Wednesdays from 7pm-10pm. (Bang Magazine issue 4, 2016)


Galine Tumasyan


Growing up with her father being an avant garde painter and everyone on his side of the family also being painters and photographers, she naturally only saw this path for her future and nothing else. She was inspired by psychedelic pop surrealism and 60’s art, mainly David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and Serge Gainsburg. When asked which animal she would be, she said “A cat because cats don’t give a shit.” Her favorite place to create is at home and her studio in North Beach and the Haight District. When I asked her to name something she loved, she said painting and performing made her the happiest. (Bang Magazine issue 4, 2016)

Danny King


Originally from the Tampa bay area, he moved to Oakland 13 years ago. His father was a jazz musician, and his brother introduced him to hip hop at age 4 which helped him in his craft. Later on in life, he was inspired by Kihinde Wiley, Doze Green, and Justin Bua. When asked to name something he loved, he said “Life cause it’s the craziest gift he has ever been given.” His favorite place to create art has always been his bedroom. When asked if he could be any animal, which one would he be and why, he replied, “A well fed, free running pot farm dog cause life would be chill.” (Bang Magazine issue 4, 2016)

Ashley Josephine Foreman


As long as she could remember, art has been one of her main passions. For her it is a source of peacefulness, and having a vision is mystical and intriguing. She was inspired by her father and brother at a very young age, but as she got older she began to be inspired Eric Nez, Julie Dillon and Joshua Mayes. Her dream project would be to tour the country painting murals about nature, and teaching art and meditation to kids and adults. When asked where her favorite place to create is, she said there is just something about Oakland with all the warehouses, graffiti, sidewalks, and her unshowerd friends smoking spliffs and finished col-labs that really does it for her. (Bang Magazine issue 4, 2016)



Anyone who has been in the Bay Area music scene has probably heard of Ty Segall, one of the most prolific musicians in the Bay. He is the Drummer and Vocalist for the band Fuzz, along with Charles Moothart on Guitar and Roland Cosio on Bass. I was lucky enough to see them open up for Mud Honey at the Starline Social Club in Oakland last year, and it was one of my favorite shows. Seeing this band’s energy and their interesting take on music had me with my eyes open wide and nonstop dancing. I love how complicated their songs are, how extremely long their jams are, and how they could all just stop on a dime. I highly recommend checking this band out. (Bang Magazine issue 4, 2016)

The Truants

http:// www.thetruantsband.com

I have played with hundreds of bands in the Bay, and this one really stands out in my mind. I am a sucker for a great live performance, and the Truants always deliver. Their post-punk, gothic, David Bowie vibe really does it for me. With Johnny Truant on Vocals, Khali Sullivan on Guitar, Colin Wild on Bass, and Estabahn on Drums, they really deliver a unique sound that is performed with a great amount of energy that cannot be missed. (Bang Magazine issue 4, 2016)

Roger Rocha


Growing up in a biker bar and strip club that my parents owned, I was exposed to lots of different styles of music. When I was 12, all I really listened to was gangsta rap. Then one of the bartenders brought in the “Bigger, Better, Faster, More!” album by 4 Non Blondes and put it in the jukebox, and I was instantly hooked. I remember telling myself this is what music should sound like. After moving to the bay area, I have had the privilege of watching the former 4 Non Blonde’s guitarist Roger Rocha perform. Moonlighting on several freestyle jams and delivering stellar performances with his band The Golden Hearts (with Ari Goldman on bass), I believe Roger is an icon in the Bay and I am proud to have seen him live. (Bang Magazine issue 3, 2015)