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Lee Austin Hoffman

Lee is well known for his roles as Founder of Donkey Pudding Records and as singer/ guitarist of Elegant Trash. He was inspited to pick up the guitar after listening to bands Fugazi and The Rolling Stones. Lee moved from Atlanta to The Bay in 2011. In Pursuit of playing fior big crowds. Immediately, Lee played as many as 10 open mics a week. quickly landing his first West coast gig at Burning Man. Since then he has performed at over 30 venues in the Bay. Lee’s photography of fellow Bay Area musicians would eventually lead into the development of Bang Magazine.


 Jenna’e Rochelle Bennett

Bang Magazines artist and logo designer, Lead singer of the band Seek The Freek, Telo Mirror. I first met Jenna’e at a Starry Plough open mic. I aproached her and sat down next to her to ask her what she was drawing.She told me she did not know but she just freestyles off the music that she hears. She was making a free style drawling of a drawing called kitty mic 2 shown her in this magazine. I though the concept was awesome and I tried to buy the picture when she was done. Since that time I have been blowed away by all of the other drawings she’s produced. Recentlly,  I approched her with ideas i has for the Bang Magazine logo and she nailed it right away. Also i have has the pleasure of getting to watch her perform live in her band Seek The Freek. Their recorded tracks are equally as awesome. Jenna’es major goal is to make people never lose touch of the childhood. It is not very often that I meet such well rounded artists thatdabble in every art like me. I am happy to share her work with you.

Matt Jaffe and The Distractions

Inspired by his sister Caroling at age 5 Matt picked up his first instrument the classical Violin. He later discovered bands like Talking Heads, The Rolling Stones, and The Clash. I consider myself  more than lucky to have been able to watch Matt perform these last 3 years. The first time I saw him perform was at the Starry Plough open mic, I thought to myself “If i continue to play music for the next 20 years I might be as good as him at age 15 ” Since that day, I have seen his skills as a songwriter and a performer sky rocket. And his friends Sammy Fisher (bassist) and Alex Coltharp(drummer) have joined to perform Matt Jaffe and The Distractions. Their live shows have been some of my favorite. They have played some local great festivals as well. Keep a lookout for this amazing band. I highly recommend that everyone drop what their doing and check out some of their music on Soundcloud.

IR Fiq

I got my first 2 CD’s at age 8 Yo!MTV Raps and Monster Rap hits(can’t remeber the volume) Till age 15 the majority of my CD’s collected were Hip Hop and Rap. And then something happened to all the main stream Hip Hop and Rap artists. It seemed like they sold out. Its like all the songs were about hoes and guns and lost their complexity. I think the lame and catchy aproach killing the artists skill and story telling. This is why I have been really picky with the Hip Hop and Rap I allow in my life. I am only interested in kids that can drop knowledge and flow about everything that is going on in the world. This brings me to one of my favorte Hip Hop artists in The Bay IR Fiq. I have seen him perform hundreds of times and even had the pleasure to play a few shows with him. I have seen consistancy in his work ethic showing great dedication to his craft. His performance reveals disipline, especially in his vocal delivery. Plus, he makes a majority of his own beats, which sweetenes the deal for me as a fan. 

The Ledgendary Stardust Cowboy

The Ledge (known to fans) is a truly unique artist helping to pioneer Pschobilly. I have had the pleasure od watching th ledge perform three times with each performance leaving memorable impression on me. His live show consists of bursts of energy from both his vocals and stage movements. I have arrived at his shows tired but always found myself dancing nonstop in the front row until he is finished blowing my mind. And who better to back the Ledge then his group of allstar band The Altamont boys Featuring Klaus Floride(Dead Kennedys) on bass, Joey Meyers on Drums, and Jay Rosen on guitar. Considered a great himself The Ledge has also inspired other great including David Bowie. My experiance at The Ledge shows has helped me understand why Bowie is such a great fan.

Elena Kulikova

Elena got her first camera at age 18. She began by hitting the streets, taking pictures of graffiti and abandoned buildings, Later Elena kept thinking about the abstract while shooting. She had became more adventurous with her camera after being inspired by photographers Guido Mocafico(Italy) and Ellen Von Unwerth(Germany). Then while in L.a during her modeling and acting days she became interested in photographing live models. Elena has taken hundreds of abstract and distorted pics of liver models. Since moving to the Bay Elena has been featuring in many galleries all across the area. Earlier this year my band was lucky enough to perform during one of her shows at The Oakland Art Murmur. I could not ask for a better backdrop for my music. Currently Elena is living, breathing, and sleeping photography. Working 70-80 hours a week on her art. She is also working on a nature book called Eden, Focusing on flowers and women in bizarre abstract world. I am super excited to see it!

Jessie Jordan AKA Smashing Good Time 

I met Jessie at The Dover Palace, My current house, At a friends Birthday Party. Since that time I have asked him to accompany me on drum set several open mics with no practice and he played Flawlessly one day we were performing and another one of our friends. Kurt Penney, suggested that we go to Slab City to play a set. We first set up the drums in the middle of the desert and I laid down next to the bass drum for hours filled with amazement of the passion and skill level he had as a drummer. After that we played The Range. Where again he played flawlessly. I consider him one of my favorite drummers in the Bay. Since our trip he bought a loop pedal and has been traveling around playing as many as 8 instruments by him self per song blending a collage of many styles and tones. His parents both being music teachers has helped i feel has helped in his inspiration to be such a badass.

Doctor Striker

Myasha Nicholas

Brendan Getzell

Sasha Laurel

Slab City

Elegant Trash

Klaus Floride (Dead Kennedys) and Ted Falconi (Flipper)

Psycotic Pineapple

John Casey

 Bridget Canfield 200 Pockets.com

Shannon and The Clams

Analy Nakat

John Bassel

Gaby Miau

John Seabury


Seek The Freek

Joanne Ludwig

Missouri Lounge Open Mic

Galine Tumasyan

Danny King

Ashely Josephine Foreman


The Truants

Roger Rocha


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