The Ledge (as known to fans) is a truly unique artist helping to pioneer Psychobilly. I have had the pleasure of watching the Ledge perform three times with each performance leaving a memorable impression on me. His live show consist of bursts of energy from both his vocals and stage movements. I have arrived at his shows tired but always found myself dancing nonstop in the front row until he is finished blowing my mind. And who better to back the Ledge than his group of all-star band members?! The Altamont Boys features Klaus Floride (Dead Kennedys) on bass, Joey Meyers on Drums, and Jay Rosen on guitar. Considered a great artist himself, The Ledge has also inspired other great artists including David Bowie. My experience at The Ledge’s shows has helped me understand why Bowie is such a great fan. (Bang Magazine issue 1, 2013)