I moved to the Bay Area in 2011 to make my dreams come true as an artist and musician. I immediately immersed myself in the local music and art scene by performing at every open mic I could, going to music shows, and checking out art galleries. While there, I took photographs to capture these special moments and struck up conversations with fellow artists and musicians to learn about their stories. As a newcomer, I felt there was not enough media coverage of the amazing artists and musicians that I encountered, and I wanted to help expand their audience by sharing their work that inspired me. This motivated me to create the first issue of Bang Magazine in 2013. As a labor of love, I spent countless hours compiling pictures, typing up artist interviews, operating an old-fashioned printing press, and paid out of pocket to produce thousands of copies of the zine just to give them all away for free to people I met who were interested in discovering local art and music. After making one printed magazine issue per year through 2016, I transitioned into making video interviews of some artists and musicians featured in the magazine. Throughout 2017, I recorded, edited, and released the first series of Bang the Kitchen on YouTube. In an effort to provide a unified showcase of previous and new Bang Magazine and Bang The Kitchen content, I launched BangTheBay.com in 2019. Although this site is currently a work in progress, my goal is to provide direct links to featured artist and musician interviews and/or reviews, photographs, videos, and artwork and/or music. If you would like to support the mission of this project, donations are greatly appreciated!


Lee Austin Hoffman,

Founder of Bang Magazine, Bang The Kitchen, and BangTheBay.com