•     Let It Happen
  •     Cheap Thrills

Addalemon was formed in the suburbs of Sacramento, California by guitarist and vocalist Cameron Karren, bassist Steven Mitchell, and drummer Billy Mitchell. This punk trio has everything you could ever want from a band. All members are extremely high energy and great musicians. After playing a show with them at the Stork Club, I had their CD on repeat in my car for the last couple of months. They are a force to be reckoned with for sure, and I see nothing but great things to come for this band.


  •     Joyride
  •     Turn It Up

One day I was checking out a list of the top 30 punk bands in the SF Bay Area as rated on Reverbnation, and I came across this new band that I thought was really rad. Out of all the bands I listened to that night, I kept playing their music over and over.I immediately booked a show with A G E N T and they didn’t disappoint me with their hella raw energy and vintage punk style. The band originated in SF but have floated around to different parts of the Bay ever since. Members include Shadi Moussa(Vocals and Guitar) Gabriel Dunne(Bass) and Scotty Bara(Drums). Listen to their tracks and look out for A G E N T in your town!!!

Elegant Trash


  •     Touch The Ceiling
  •     Lemonade Stand

Elegant Trash was formed in 2003 by Lee Austin Hoffman on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Trez Howell on Lead Guitar, and Mike Perez on Drums while living in Atlanta, Georgia. Together they performed live and recorded 23 albums together for the first 8 years. In 2011, Lee moved to Berkeley, California where he played with many different band members and recorded an additional 8 albums while keeping the same band name. Elegant Trash’s musical style is eclectic and evolves with each new band member’s influence. The current line up consists of Lee Austin Hoffman on Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Nathalie Hoffman on Vocals and Accordion, Cris Portillo on Lead Guitar, Alex Miehl on Drums, and Will Xiong on Bass. Elegant Trash is the resident band at the Stork Club in Oakland, California where they play every first Friday of the month, as well as other local venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Elegant Trash released their newest album “Rocking Faces” on November 1, 2019, which is now available online on bandcamp, applemusic, spotify, pandora, reverbnation, soundcloud, and youtube. “Rocking Faces is not just the name of the album, it’s a way of life.”